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Zicord Energy Technology


ZICORD Energy Technology : ZET is a brand for making machinery and tools for production of briquette fuels.  They can be best use for converting waste materials of agriculture, forestry, municipals into fuel at low cost, less  infrastructure and less

Road to Paris – 2015


The Road to Paris for World Climate Summit 2015 is a campaign to set agenda with governments, corporate and finances that will support and compliment the United Nations Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC).  The campaign aims to build Global Solutions Agenda through media communications,

Global Climate Leader


Mr. Albert Zamkholal Milheim (Lupheng) has been awarded a Global Climate Leader to amplify efforts in educating and engaging diverse networks and communities to increase collective impact on global climate crisis. He received his training from Honourable Al Gore, Chairman and former Vice President

From President’s Desk


ZICORD, Manipur is a secular, not for profit social action group. It is working on the spirit of social responsibilities to promote more responsibilities among all to pay for the services we owe to the finite resources. ZICORD is operational

From Secretary’s Desk


Doing development is catalysing participatory exercise of common interest groups around development issues to solve problems, improve livelihood and its resources. The efforts to improve the livelihood of the vulnerable groups through a more improve management of their natural resources