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Chairman, Zicord Manipur

Chairman, Zicord Manipur

Doing development is catalysing participatory exercise of common interest groups around development issues to solve problems, improve livelihood and its resources. The efforts to improve the livelihood of the vulnerable groups through a more improve management of their natural resources are significant to the goal of sustainable development. Our mission for sustainable development brings about building skill, ability and asset for well being women, unemployed youths, landless, marginal and small farmers.

ZICORD is a support institution working primarily with community base organisations and voluntary agencies with the two fold objective of institution building and capacity building of the vulnerable groups for solving issues and problems arising out their livelihood activities.

We are more worth working to see the changing lives and well being of many benefiting the various project and programmes. The Participatory cooperation of development agencies, financial institutions, local communities and state government is the key to success for these programmes. The success parameters are commendable for their contribution to the goal of sustainable development.

ZICORD is growing with skill, experiences and capabilities to cater local initiative approach to sustainable development. We therefore invite your participation to the efforts of local initiatives, cooperation to the goal of global symbiosis.

( Albert Zamkholal Milheim)
Secretary, ZICORD, Manipur,.

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