Global Climate Leader

Mr. Albert Zamkholal Milheim (Lupheng) has been awarded a Global Climate Leader to amplify efforts in educating and engaging diverse networks and communities to increase collective impact on global climate crisis. He received his training from Honourable Al Gore, Chairman and former Vice President of USA at Climate Reality Leadership Corps training-2015 for Global Network of Leaders.

The Climate Reality Corps training held at New Delhi brought together selected group of leaders from 26 countries committed to address the impacts of climate change and implementing the solutions that will define for the future generations.

Over the course of the summit, he asserted to draw the empathy of Climate Leaders on the issues of climate variability and change impacts to the livelihood and occupational walks of life among the North Eastern Himalayans societies. He observed that climate prospers human prosperity. Albeit, it has been seen that global sustainability is vulnerable to climate vulnerabilities perpetrating in the region. This is a call for social responsibilities to practice low-carbon lifestyle and pitch one’s stand in addressing sustainable development.

Mr. Albert ZM Lupheng has demonstrated his potentials to climate leadership for developing indigenous technology in today’s usefulness on “Rural energy production from waste biomass”, “A handbook on Participatory appraisal for rural planning” and “Steps to Institution and Capacity building”.

Mr. Albert Z.M Lupheng is being affirmed and empowered to pitch a leadership amongst Climate Reality leaders of global ground. Individual, group and institution interested in taking a deeper look at the science, impacts and solutions to the climate crisis may invite him to give presentation about the impacts and solutions to climate crisis.

Contact: Albert ZM Lupheng at
Albert Zamkholal Milheim Lupheng,
Global Climate Leader,
National Games village, Zone-III, A/40,
Contact No. 9856288456,

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