Road to Paris – 2015

The Road to Paris for World Climate Summit 2015 is a campaign to set agenda with governments, corporate and finances that will support and compliment the United Nations Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC).  The campaign aims to build Global Solutions Agenda through media communications, social networks, etc. The goal is to achieve agreement for putting the growth of the nations to the pathways of low-carbon economic strategy and sustainable future of the earth while maintaining global temperature rise.  

The Climate Reality Projects chaired by former U.S Vice President and Nobel Laureate Al Gore, is creating global movement through social interactive training for building Climate Reality Leaders to raise millions’ voices to save the earth from climate vulnerabilities. It aims to promote the required growth of nations around global symbiosis. This movement promotes 2 million more Climate Reality Leaders around the world working on the spirit of voluntarism accessible to all sects of life and institutions.

ForestFireRainfall disruption, temperature rise, extreme weather and variability are projected in India and the North Eastern region is seen to face increase in desertification of land, acute water crisis, drought and floods. The facts has been seen in our daily life from the price we pay for foods, health and to the air we breathe.  Despite the experiences of climate change in our life, the community vulnerable to its impacts are in a comfort-zone to rest the solutions to politicians, scientists or decision makers in the government and industries. Our policy leaders are not going to do change on their own if not we forward our needs of today and the future for making a global life depends on renewable energy sustainable to the earth.

Participation is a mechanism being use in decision making for change and development.  Putting social responsibilities in the first hand by citizens is a demand driven for participatory solution to the crisis.  The Climate Reality Project being a global campaign institution to and beyond World Summit 2015 appeal, encourage and cherish your empathy to solve vulnerabilities pertaining to climate change. Tuning your conversation on climate reality and impacts to friends, in group meeting at work place is going to increase awareness, public sensitivity to make their voice loud on the road to Paris summit on the followings:

“ Finance Flow: Scaling up of climate fund for clean energy, greening infrastructure, sustaining ecosystems and create enabling environment to countries and communities to adapt to maintain carbon emissions  below risk point of global warming at 2C degrees by 2020.

Green cities: Ensure Green cities with energy efficient building and infrastructure as a key to low carbon and resilient economic source to address to climate change. Legalization is required for building cities through energy efficient infrastructure that cuts emission level of pollution and GHG emissions.

Clean energy: Legalise nations to adopt Clean energy technologies such as solar, wind, biomass, geothermal, nuclear, methane capture use, water energy including green vehicles are focal to reduce carbon and greenhouse gas emissions. Thy are renewable source and

Cheaper all the time while creating employment.

Nature’s role: Ensure awareness, sensitivity and ownership participation of local communities and institutions as a mechanism to enrich natural resources and their ecosystems. Nature’s services from forests, rivers and wetlands and drylands helps to promote food security, clean air and biodiversity while reducing the vulnerability of people to climate change.

Action to adapt: Enhance the sensitivity and habit of individuals and community to live in low carbon lifestyle. Low carbon lifestyle is a way of life or culture of practice in one’s life which reduce carbon emissions directly or indirectly and the amount of costs spent in the production of those materials.


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