In view of initiative undertaken to address sustainable energy access to every home in the region, in particular in rural regions, ZICORD in collaboration with NEZ-Water Partnership is organising Inception Workshop on the 20th April 2017 at  Sangai Conference Hall,  Hotel  Imphal  Classic, Manipur. It is being facilitated under the supervision of CEE Regional Secretariat, a Centre of Excellence, Ministry of EF & and CC, GoI as the  host institute of GEF-UNDP-SGP, India. Besides guidance of  local stakeholder institutions are also involve.

The workshop is organised to explore challenges and the need for integrating and scaling up the technology account of the initiatives. The workshop will provide interface opportunity to share knowledge, experiences and learning on efficient use of biomass energy for life functions, technology innovation to address social enterprise in forestry, agriculture, small industries and poverty alleviation. The workshop is organised for Senior/Middle level officers of stakeholder departments including NGOs, CSOs, SHG/ Producer companies and institutions running common kitchen facilities.